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User Firestarter
Size 10g
Date Started 12-26-09
Lighting 2x 26 watt compact flourescent 6500k daylight bulbs. 52 watt total.
Equipment 10g aquarium Whisper 1 filter
CO2 Compressed CO2. Low tech setup with welding regulator. Western Enterprises RS-4-FG. Cheap needle valve. Silicone tubing connected with compression fittings.
Substrate Mixture of gravel with high mineral content.
Fertilization Crazy plant fertilizer mixture. Remember this is an experiment.
Plants Narrow leaf chain sword, dwarf hair grass, java moss, Chladophora ball. RIccia
Inhabitants Ghost shrimp.
Comments Two chunks of summit granite and one chunk of some sort of mineral stone. This tank is going to be an interesting experiment. 20% water changes weekly.
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