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User wilan
Size 40 Gallons
Date Started 10/3/2005
Lighting Coralife flourescent bulb
Equipment Cascade 700 Canister Filter, 75 watt Heater, Air Pump
CO2 None, maybe dry ice system in the future
Substrate Normal Gravel
Parameters 82 degrees Farenheit +/- 7.o ph
Fertilization Flora Pride, fish waste
Plants Java Fern, fox tail or tropical hornwort, Amazon Sword, Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea'), a whole bunch of plants I need you guys help me to identify
Inhabitants black neon tetras, clown loaches, common pleco, guppies, Black molly, sunset platy, goldfish, zebra danios, Real Siamese Algae Eater
Comments tank titled: "slice of a river"
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I think this is a pretty, well-done display of some low-light and moderate-light aquatic plants. It would be good to know the bulb's wattage and whether it is a T-8, PC, T-5 NO, or T-5 HO bulb.
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Great looking tank! It has good depth for a 40G. One thing though pretty sure that Plant with the white outer edged leaves in the front left is Non-aquatic. Not sure of the name of it but I swear its a terrarium plant. Could be wrong but all in all great tank!
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