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User ctaylor3737
Size 92 Gallon Corner Bowfront
Date Started 01/01/2014
Lighting 1 Finnex Planted Plus 1 Finnex Ray 2
Equipment Eheim 2078 Fluval 406
CO2 Inline Aqua diffuser. 5 Bps
Substrate Eco-Complete
Fertilization Micro/Macro EI Ferts
Plants Micro Chain swords, Amazon Sword, Marbled Sword, S. Belem, Needle Leaf Java, DHG, Baby Tears, Hydrocolyte Japan, Ludwigia and more!
Inhabitants 4 Angels, 12 Otos, 12 Bumblebee Goby, 2 Emerald Corydoras, 2 Albino Corydoras, 3 Golden Balloon rams, 3 Electric Blue Balloon Rams, 6 Rummy Nosed Tetras, 12 Cardinals, Couple Blueberry & Amano Shrimp. 2 Siamese Alagae eaters, and 3 Kribs. Might be a few more here and there that I forgot. Tank is so big lots of room to grow!
Comments Air stone at night.
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Still a bit cloudy was right after a water change!
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Beautiful tank and cabinet.
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