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User i love planted tanks
Size 60Gal long
Date Started OCT 2008
Lighting shoplight 2x40watt t8 bulbs
Equipment tetra filter,power head for good water flow
CO2 diy co2 2 2 liter bottles
Substrate sand
Parameters 72-78f
Fertilization realy nothing but liquid fertz once in a while
Plants java fern,jungle val,fourleafclover and Ludwigia
Inhabitants botia dario loach,poka dot loachs,neon tetras,SAES,zebra danios,ottos,broze cory cats,amano shrimp,cae,Rummynose Tetras and Serpae Tetras
Comments island style tank a very very low budget tank but very very pleased how it came out and just love looking at my tank and very proud of myself
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What type of sand are you using and is there a layer of anything under it? How do you get nutrients to the plants? Love your set-up!
i love planted tanks
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the sand is just some sand i got from home depot(very cheap $5 for a 50 lb bag) and there is nothing under the sand.for ferts nothing just nutrients in the tap water but my plant are very healthy and grow every day...thanks
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