Lee 42 Gallon Hexagon - Your Tanks
User Lee
Size 42 Gallon Hexagon
Date Started 2008
Lighting 96 Watt CF 6700K
Equipment Eheim 2232
CO2 None
Substrate Flourite
Parameters 78 Degrees
Fertilization None
Plants Anubias barteri var. coffeefolia, Anubias barteri var. barteri, Anubias nana, Anubias nana gold
Inhabitants 4 Otocinclus, bulldog pleco, bumble bee goby, 2 amano shrimp, 3 galaxy rasbora
Comments rescaped 8-15-2010
Profile Views 722
Algae Grower
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Your hex is beautiful, it is good to see someone with a non-traditional shaped tank up. I am thinking of planting a 44 gal corner in the next few weeks. Yours is lush and radiant. Why did you tear it down?
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Thank you, I went to clean it and the wood fell apart. That lead to me eventually taking it down. I recently started it again with all anubias. I will post pictures once it fills in.
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