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User Lee
Size 70 Gallon
Date Started December 2009
Lighting 2X39 T5 HO 6700K
Equipment Fluval 405 Heater 300 Watt
CO2 None
Substrate Eco-complete Mix
Fertilization None
Plants Java Fern, Bolbitis, 4 varieties of anubias, wavy sword plant, red sword, red forest, water sprite, micro grass, lotus, cabomba, green cryptocoryne
Inhabitants 2 turquoise rainbows, 2 Brevis shell dwellers, 2 red head geophagus, 2 mystery snails, common pleco, Boesmani rainbows, 6 odessa barbs, 2 rosey barbs, 5 checkboard barbs, 5 otos, 3 chain loach, 4 amano shrimp, Julidochromis transcriptus, Altolamprologus calvus
Comments Fluval Osaka 260 complete kit, installed as packaged
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Algae Grower
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Very nice tank! What brand is the tank, who makes it? I like use of high and low planting - very peaceful!
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It's a Fluval brand tank. At this stage it looked really nice. unfortunately as it filled in it started to look worse.
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