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User fishyjoe24
Size 75 gallon
Date Started december 7 made it a planted tank, but have had the tank set up for 3 months
Lighting 1-t12 40 watt 1-t8 32 watt
Equipment eheim ebo-jager 250 watt heater 1-marineland penguin 330 with bio wheels hob power filter 1-marineland emperor 400 with bio wheels hob power filter
CO2 nope not yet, my plants are low tech top fin/ petsmart plants.
Substrate caribsea-eco complete
Parameters need to buy a new test kit, the ones I have are out dated.
Fertilization not yet, but think the eco-complete is taking care of that.
Plants hair grass guppy grass ludwiga swords some I don't know the names off
Inhabitants 25-harlequin rasbora's 10-neon tetra's 10 glow light tetra's 10-orange ron vio tetras 8- agaissi cory catfish
Comments plan to upgrade to a 110L or bigger soon
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I laughed out loud when I saw this... hahaha Cories look so cute and clueless
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