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Size 55 Gallons
Date Started Sometime in 2001
Lighting 3x32w 48 inch normal florecents (2 ultra sun, 1 flora sun)
Equipment HOB Filters: Bio Wheel 330, Regent 30-60 Penguin 300 gph power head Digital PH Meter / Monitor (not pen type)
CO2 10 lb tank of co2 w/ DIY mister (using 60 gph venturi into 300 gph power head
Substrate 60 lbs Eco Complete, 55oz of laterite on bottom
Parameters ph 7.0 kh 140(ppm) Dgh 4
Fertilization Ehiem liquidoser 1ml 2x per day
Plants 6 Amazon swords, 2 Red Ozlet swords, Java Moss, 1 Java Fern, Swarf Sagittaria, water wisteria
Inhabitants 1 Jack Dempsey (7 yrs old), 3 cory cat fish, various feeder fish, 1 5 yr old pleco
Comments See a photo gallery / log of this tank here
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A very nice tank!! How do you keep your gravel so clean?
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