Taryn Nation 20 long - Your Tanks
User Taryn Nation
Size 20 long
Date Started sep 09
Lighting Natural glow
Equipment filter and adjustable heater
Substrate blue gravel w/blue jewls
Fertilization plant food Florish
Plants Lily, coconut w/moss, moss ball, Anubis, and assorted.
Inhabitants 1 rainbow shark,, 1 mollys, 1 green cory, 1 Panda Cory, 1 mini male crab, , 1 female betta, 4 gren tiger barbs, 1Pleco, and bunch of ghost shrimp.
Comments Not sure what I can add to my boyfriends tank. He wants a sword tail or a gaurami. we will be getting a 55for me and my 29 will be a brackish tank for the dragon goby.
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