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User Dr. Brand
Size 200gal deep dimensions
Date Started 12-15-2013
Lighting 8 T5HO's (4 Current USA Freshwater Flora bulbs running for 9 hours + 4 10,000K bulbs running at peak for 2.5 hours) 8 LED Lunar lights
Equipment Coralife T5HO Lunar lighting systems- 2- 4' units & 1- 2" unit for the refrugium sump. Aqueon ProFlex Sump Filtration System Model 4 Aqueon ProFlex Sump Filtration System Model 4
CO2 Milwaukee CO2 regulator & pH controller with a 10lb aluminum CO2 tank
Substrate 1.5" organic topsoil + 2" of Seachem Flourite for most of the tank. Black gravel in foreground.
Parameters Temp- 74-76 F
Fertilization Seachem Flourish
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