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Size 55 Gallon Mbuna tank
Date Started 2001
Lighting Wal-mart Shop light. Two Plant and Aquarium bulbs.
Equipment Marineland Emperor 400 Biowheel, Marineland 330 Biowheel (modified with air bubbler under the cages), 10 Gallon Sump, Eheim 2217 canister.
CO2 n/a
Substrate Crushed Coral
Parameters 8.4 ph
Plants No plants as this is an African Cichlid Mbuna tank. Plants are somewhat rare in Lake Malawi and the Cichlids would dig them up if I had them anyway.
Inhabitants 20 African Cichlids (Mbuna), 2 clown loaches and a common pleco.
Comments Heavily filtered Mbuna tank. Twice a week water changes. Water parameters are closely monitored. The tank houses some very aggressive species such as the Bumblebee, Auratus, Kenyi and Powder Blue, but with the heavy population, I have very few aggression problems.
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Put a few tall fake plants across the back. Cool rocks.
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