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User AquaTX01
Size 55 Gallon
Date Started (Restarted) Oct. 2009
Lighting Four 48" 40 watts T12 Daylight Deluxe (total 160 watts) on 2 Shop Lights. All mounted under Custom built Hood.
Equipment - Rena Filstar xP3 Canister Filter
- Stock 55 gallon Power Filter
- Marineland Visi-Therm Stealth 250 Watt Heater
- Other Small accessories & Timers
CO2 Workin on it...

Update: got a 50 lb CO2 Tank & AQUATEK CO2 setup (Regulator, Solenoid, needle valve). Will have it up n running by next week once rest comes in mail...
Substrate Fine Gravel
Parameters ?!?!?!
na, Everything's good except Nitrate just tad bit high, and Hard Water! Temperature around 77-78 F
Fertilization - Seachem "Flourish Tabs" (Gravel Bed Supplement for Planted Aquarium)
- Seachem "Flourish" (Comprehensive Supplement for the Planted Aquarium)
Plants Ludwigia (Red Ludwigia?!), Rotala SP., Rotala Magenta, Anubias Barteri, Wisteria, Vallisneria Spiralis, Dwarf Hair Grass, Banana Plant, hygrophila "kompakt", Java Fern, Dwarf Baby Tears and 2 types of Moss are Taiwan moss & Fissidens fontanus (Phoenix Moss).

update: got two more from petco. <- Not submerged plants, took them out & put in a pot :(
Inhabitants 3 Angels
2 Blue Gouramis
3 Dwarf Gouramis
14 Neon Tetras
4 Otto (Otocinclus vestitus)
2 German Blue Ram
2 "Yoyo" Loach (Botia almorhae)
3 whisker shrimp
few Ghost Shrimp (survivors after Angels' feast)
Comments I've had my tank setup for 8-10 years now. Just had fish & a fake large Driftwood. Tried growing plants years ago, but ddnt had any luck w/ it. Finally got in the hobby, and started to plant in October 09. They're growing well for a non-CO2 tank, but I'm sure they'll thrive once I setup my CO2 soon.... Any advice is always welcome. Thnx.

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Dragoon Woman
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Lovely! Nice arrangement of wood and rocks. Hope to see more when it's grown in some.
Planted Member
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Thank you Dragoon (Woman) :) will deff update in few weeks..... just hope they grow w/out CO2 :D thnx.
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