hensintheshed 17 Gallons / 76 Litres - Your Tanks
User hensintheshed
Size 17 Gallons / 76 Litres
Date Started August 09
Lighting 2x T5 Tubes, 1 SuperBright & 1 with a deeper spectrum.
Equipment Eheim Biopower 160 Internal Filter
CO2 2x DIY CO2 Generators & Glass Diffuser
Substrate Tetraplant complete & Unipac Microgravel
Plants Java moss, flame moss, xmas moss, riccia, HC, crypto, marmimo balls and a few others which I forget the name of.
Inhabitants Cherry Red Shrimp, Red Platties, Guppies, Cardinal Tetra's, Golden Loach
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Very original. I like it
Algae Grower
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beautifull, great art work
Algae Grower
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Did you get that off The Enterprise? Did you swipe Captain Kirks tank?!! ;) Very mod (futuristic?) and artsy. I like it for just that reason. It is very different from other planted tanks here. A big impact for a small tank. Job well done!
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