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Aquarium 20091115 005.jpg
User J33p
Size 29 Gallons
Date Started 10/25/2009
Lighting Satellite 1x65W 30" CFL
Equipment Aquaclear 50
CO2 None
Substrate Two bags Eco Complete Planted Aquarium Substrate
Parameters 79 deg
Fertilization Half cap Flourish once a week
Plants (2) Cryptocoryne lutea; Cryptocoryne undulata; Cryptocoryne ciliata; Ceratophyllum submersum (I think); (2) Java Fern
Inhabitants (3) Flame Tetras; (3) Serpae Tetras; some random snails
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I need some hardscape.
Algae Grower
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Added about 6 rocks tonight, three in a cairn formation. I bought three Purple Jasper rocks and found three from outdoors. I washed and boiled them. I hope that was enough. Also, two new Java Fern.
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