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User mrparker
Size 46 Gallon Long
Date Started September 25, 2009
Lighting 2x 40W 6700K; 4'
Equipment Aqua Tech 30-60G pwrFilter Aqua Tech 10-20G pwrFilter
CO2 2x 1.5L DIY into filter intakes
Substrate Washed sand from the sand dunes.
Parameters Need to test
Fertilization none currently
Plants Cabomba Wisteria Unknown Sword Myrio
Inhabitants 4 Neons 1M Guppies 3F Guppies 3 Ottos 1 Chinese Algae Eater 5 Ghost Shrimp
Comments In the process of coming up with a revamp of the aquascape including adding more sand, hills, more rocks and dwarf grass
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Planted Tank Obsessed
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wow i really like how simle this tank is, yet there is alot of depth! do you plan to add more to this tank?
Algae Grower
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No, i actually took off the blue, reaquascaped it, built up the left and right sides and gave the front more of a valley look, then added microsword, started to get some good growth out of it, then algae ruined it. The sand had too much iron in it and the aglae loved it because i couldnt stop this nasty brown film from growing of the the sand. Long story short...i took it down. I now have an empty 46 gallon tank. and two small 10 gallons. I'll post the 10 gallons soon
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