kman 2 gallons - Your Tanks
User kman
Size 2 gallons
Date Started 12/15/13
Lighting Integrated Fluval Spec LED
Equipment Marina C10 10w heater Fluval Spec integrated filter
Substrate CaribSea Eco-Complete
Fertilization Flourish Flourish Excel Oscocote+ capsules (planned)
Plants Anubias Nana (Anubias barteri v. 'Nana') Crypt Parva (Cryptocoryne parva) Dwarf Hair Grass (Eleocharis acicularis) Duckweed (Lemna minor)
Inhabitants 1 Dragonscale Crown Tail Betta (betta splendens) (male) 2 Neon Tetras (Paracheirodon innesi) 1 Zebra Nerite Snail (Neritina natalensis) 1 Olive Spotted Nerite Snail (Neritina natalensis) 4 Ghost Shrimp (Palaemonetes paludosus)
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