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User Edgewater
Size ADA 75P
Date Started 7/1/2009
Lighting MH 150W (6700K) 5hrs/day + 2x24W T5HO 10hrs/day(for the first month)
Equipment Eheim Professional II Canister Filter
CO2 Pressure CO2 (3 bubble/s) timed with light
Substrate ADA Amazonia II, ADA sand powder
Parameters Temp 78F, PH 6.5
Fertilization ADA Bright K, Excel 10ml (2xweek). Water change 25% every week.
Plants Japanese dwarf hairgrass
Inhabitants 3 Oto, 8 Black NT, 10 amano shrimps, 6 Red shrimps (grade AA), 1 GAE, Snails..
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Nice tank. I'm attempting my first planted tank...any advice on how to get my jap. dwarf hairgrass to look like that?
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Very well done Iwagumi. The light blue background fits perfectly.
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