WANNABE_LIMNOLOGY 5 gallon - Your Tanks
Size 5 gallon
Date Started Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Lighting 13Watt CFL in a normal household desk lamp.
Equipment Hagen rimless aquarium Fluval nano internal filter
CO2 I dose with flourish excel
Substrate Flourite and sand mix
Parameters N/A
Fertilization Flourish liquid ferts.
Inhabitants 2 cherry shrimp 4 golden bee shrimp 2 oto cats 5 mosquito or chilli rasboras 1 orphan harlequin rasbora 1 rams horn snail tons of pond snails
Comments Low tech desktop tank I started a while back. Pretty much just letting it do it's own thing. I even discovered baby tears propagating after an original failed attempt.
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Algae Grower
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I really love that piece of wood, the split draws the eye outwards to enlarge the tank.
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