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User drfu
Size 36*12**18
Date Started Sept 2013
Lighting 24" T8 Power-GLow 18K (12 Hours) TruLumen 453nm Actinic Moonlight (5 hours)
Equipment Fluval 205 External Canister(Main) w/surface skimmer. Foam, BioMax, filter floss, purigen, ChemiPure AquaClear 200 (Back Up). Foam, BioMax, BioCarb Marina 150W Heater
CO2 none
Substrate 1.5"gravel (Bottom) 1.5" play sand on top.
Parameters Ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 Nitrates 0 PH 7.5 Temp 75
Fertilization Seachem Flourish Excel
Plants Green Mondo or Green & White Acorus, various others that I dont have a clue what they are
Inhabitants Top:5 Neon Tetras, 5 Black Stripe Tetras. Mid: 2 Neon Rainbows. Bottom:3 Oto's, 1 Chineese Algae Eater, 3 Bronze Cory's, 1 Clown Loach.
Comments API test Kit
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