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User DiabloCanine
Size 110 Gallons
Date Started 2005
Lighting Icecap 660 ballast 4 x 95 watt 36" Aquasun Bulbs
Equipment 2 Eheim 2215s, 20 gallon Sump with; 2 Magnum HOTs, 2 x 400 watt Theo heaters, Powered CO2 Reactor with glass diffuser installed, Mag Drive 7 Pump
CO2 20lb Cylinder with MA957 Regulator and Milwaukee SMS 122 PH Monitor/Controller
Substrate Red Soilmaster select
Parameters PH = 6.0 KH = 2
Fertilization Tropica Master Grow and GW ferts
Plants Echinodorus Latifolius and Brazilian Swords
Inhabitants Heckel Discus, Corydoras Sterbai, ALFs, Royal Farlowella, Geophagus Steindachneri
Comments Manzanita wood used to simulate root structure where Discus are found in the Amazon. All plants used are found in South America.
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nice. I like the deep canyons of driftwood.
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