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User Guyute87
Size 55 gal
Date Started Spring 2013
Lighting (2) 18", 15watt T8 FLORA SUN max plant growth lights
Equipment Marineland Penguin 350 Biowheel with Purigen and mechanical filtration Heater bubble air stone LED bubble wand light strip
CO2 Tabs and supplements for now. Figuring out if I can do DIY or need a system
Substrate 1/2 Aquarium gravel 1/2 Aquarium sand
Parameters Ammonia: 0ppm Nirtite: 0ppm Nitrate: 40ppm pH:6.6 Temp.:
Fertilization Flourish and fish poo :)
Plants Cabomba, anubis nana, hornwort, 3 banana plants, moneywort, jungle val, anacharis, microsword, amazon sword, 2 marimo moss balls, Ludwigia, lots of floating fern-like plants, etc. etc. etc.
Inhabitants koi angelfish, dwarf gourami, female GW killifish, 2 GBR, 10 platys, 5 kuhli loaches, 6 corys, 7 or so nerite snails
Comments Any suggestions/advice are welcome!! But please be nice, I am still very much a novice at this and am very proud of my tanks so far :)
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