Esabasard 37 Gal - Your Tanks
User Esabasard
Size 37 Gal
Date Started 9-2005
Lighting 2x65pc, 65W of 50/50, 65W of Sunpaq(6700K & 10000K)
Equipment Fluval 304 with spray bar
CO2 Red Sea Turbo CO2 yeast reactor
Substrate Gravel mixed with flourite
Fertilization Twice a week Floursh, Frourish Trace, Iron
Plants Corkscrew Val, Rotala Indicia, Amazon Sword, Pennywort, Apongaton
Inhabitants Various Ranbowfish, Koi Angel, Pristilla Tetra, Columbian Tetra, Black Neon Tetra, Cory Cats, Oto Cats, Rainbow Shark, Blue German Rams, Bala Sharks, Flower Shrimp
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