swampreefer 90 gallon inwall - Your Tanks
User swampreefer
Size 90 gallon inwall
Date Started switched over from a reef tank 1 month ago
Lighting 2 cheap led pendants from ebay
Equipment 2 emperor 400 biowheels
Substrate black gravel with floramax
Parameters water temp 74-78
Fertilization dosing flourish excel and iron
Plants wisteria, java moss, anuba, anacharis, and 1 amazon sword
Inhabitants fancy tailed guppies, platys, 1 gourami, 2 plecos. will be adding shrimp and assasin snails soon
Comments 1st planted tank after 12 years in the salty world. God, I forgot alot about freshwater
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This is my first planted tank, I'm low tech right now. Hopefully will be getting more plants from members of my local club. Advice/critiques are welcomed.
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