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User CaliEAB
Size 29 G
Date Started August 16th, 2009
Lighting Coralife single 65W 6700K
Equipment Fluval 405 canister, Green Monster 9v UV, Coralife digital thermometer
CO2 5 lb can with Milwaukee regulator + PH meter/controller
Substrate Canadian sphagnum, vermiculite, blasting sand top, 2 pieces of amazon driftwood
Fertilization Tetra Florapride, Excel
Plants Anubis congenisis x1, Cabomba caroliniana x6, Jungle Val x2, Bacopa monnieri (Hysop) x8, 20+ Coffee Anubias
Inhabitants 3 black mollys, 6 longfin danios, 7 rummynoses, 2 sterbai cory cats, 15 MTS, 6 amano
Comments Updated picture - lots of tannins from the driftwood...
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This is the progression (sorry for the bad photos). The profile picture is the midway point. The two other pix are the current state of things - a bit unkempt! -CaliEAB
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