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User jjchmiel
Size 30 Gallon
Date Started 11-28-13
Lighting 78 watt (2x39watt) T5 ZooMed 5000K Max Plant Growth
Equipment Marineland Penguin 200 with a fine screen mesh over the filter intake. Marineland 200 watt heater
CO2 5lb Tank, Aquatek Premium reglator set at 40 PSI and needle valve set to 60 bpm through a ceramic diffuser.
Substrate Seachem Flourite black sand
Parameters Temp 74 PH 7.2 KH 2 degrees Gh 6 degrees Ammonia 0 Nitrate/Nitrite 0
Fertilization Seachem Flourish, Trace, Phosphorus, Potassium, Nitrogen recommended dosage twice per week. Iron recommended dosage once per week.
Plants Alternanthera reineckii roseafolia ROTALA WALLICHII Lilaeopsis mauritiana Bacopa caroliniana Taxiphyllum barbieri Ceratophyllum submersum
Inhabitants Some pond snails that came with the plants I ordered and 3 Assassin Snails I moved over from my other tank. I am looking for idea for other inhabitants.
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great colours and love the grasses on the bottom.
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