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User serreid
Size 90 Gallon Aquarium
Date Started 6/1/2008
Lighting VHO Lighting w/ 2 Actinic Whites @ 110 Watts each and 1 Purple Actinic @ 110 for a total of 330 Watts and 3.6 watts per gallon
Equipment Hydor Heating Cable XP3 Fillstar Filter C-360 Marineland Filter 1 power head
CO2 Milwaukii Ph Controller Milwauki Co2 Regulator w/bubble counter 5 lb canister Red Sea Reactor 500
Substrate Eco Complete Planted Gravel 3 inches deep
Parameters Ph 7.1 before lights and co2 turn on in morning then drops to 6.7 with co2 on Kh 3 degrees GH 3 degrees Am 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 5 Phos .5
Fertilization Co2 whole plant line I use seachem dosing chart which is online
Plants 1 Hygrophilia 1 Dwarf Hygrophilia 1 amazon sword 1 java fern 1 rotala indica 2 foreground plants 1 cryp 2 anubias
Inhabitants 8 cardinal tetra 3 rummynose tetra 3 columbian red blue tetra 4 corys 4 little algae guys (can't remember the name( 2 congo tetra 2 blue gourami 1 bosemani rainbow 1 rainbow shark 3 clown loaches
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