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aquarium 005.JPG
User teaklejr
Size 90 gallon
Date Started 12/28/2009
Lighting t-5 365watts
Equipment 2 Ehiem 2028 filters, 2 300 watt heaters
CO2 pressurized
Substrate flourite
Plants Don't really know all the names
Inhabitants 4Discus, 1 Ram, 12 cardinal tetras, 6 Splashing tetras, 2 Killi fish, 8 Cory cats, 1 Redline bard, 4 Odessa barbs, 3 Flying Fox, 3 Badis Badis
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4th pic is my brother with pops .50 cal machine gun. I know it is not fish tank related but that thing is super cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Tank looks good! Photographer standing in front of a .50 not so good...
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nice gun, wrong end to be standing on though, very nice tank as well
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