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User SeasofChz
Size 40 gallon breeder
Date Started May 25, 09
Lighting 250w 10k Metal halide supplemented with 250w halogen yeah its pretty bright
Equipment Rena canister filter Cable heat
CO2 Diy yeast for now, piecing together a pressurized system but I still need some parts and more $$$. Ok, so you might wonder why I have expensive lighting and junk CO2, but I had the MH from an old reef tank set up so..
Substrate Eco complete is my main planting media, gravel and sand for cable heat, quartz sand in extreme foreground.
Parameters ph 7.0 dKh 4 NO3 0ppm PO4 5ppm
Fertilization I have not established any regiment yet, i like to experiment. So far I have be dosing Seachem iron, and some Flourish comprehensive.
Plants anything i can find, last count 26 species, but until i can correctly id them i will hold off on pretending that i know what all i have.
Inhabitants Siamese algae eaters, Garra species, Gold pristilla tetras, Kerri tetras, Neon tetras, Least killifish, Brigittae rasboras, Amano shrimp, Breeding zebra shrimp
Comments I have worked in the hobby for almost 9 years, and I have kept almost every kind of aquarium you can keep, but have mainly focused on reef tanks especially coral propagation. I have never really tried to keep a full blown planted tank, so it was time to try. So far I absolutely love it. Please understand that I am currently experimenting with as many species as possible to see what grows best in my care. All I have right now are bad cell phone pics, but i hope to fix that soon
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WOW! looks very cool. You sound to be in a similar position as me. I have just moved from a reef tank also. This too is my first effort at a planted tank.
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Stunning array of plants / colors / textures! Also great layout! Can't wait to see better res photos!
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