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User MyEdsul
Size 150
Date Started Stand Build - 10.25.08; Tank Filled 03.07.09
Lighting 400 Watts (5 x 80W T5HO @ 6,700k); 3 cooling fans; 3 hours on, 7 off, and 5 on daily
Equipment 3 x Eheim 2217's
CO2 Pressurized w/ Aqua Medic Co2 Reactor 1000 built into a loop w/ UV Sterilizer on the output of one of the 2217's; Co2 runs 1 hour before lights on until 1 hour after lights off
Substrate Black Flourite / Black Flourite Sand Mixed
Parameters pH: 6.4, kH: 2.5, Co2: 30ppm (ballpark), Nitrate: 5, Nitrite: 0, Ammonia: 0
Fertilization Pfertz m, n, p, & k - 12 pumps daily; 2 caps of each Seachem Iron and Flourish Excel daily
Plants A bunch ...
Inhabitants 10 x Redline Torpedo Barbs, 35 x Rummies, 35 x Cardinals, 3 x SAE's, 3 x Pearl Gouramis, 2 x Whiptail (Twig) Cats, and 6 or 8 Otos
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Planted Tank Obsessed
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I really like the bushel of fluffy stems that is slightly off to the right side, whatever it is. Great tank!
Algae Grower
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Did you build the canopy and stand? beautiful! I just got a 150 and am so excited about getting it going, but may need to upgrade the stand, and need to get a canopy. THanks!
Algae Grower
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Will I need to have 3 - 2217's??? i have 1 already running my 55, and planned on getting another with 2 in-line heaters...
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