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User lljdma06
Size 8g
Date Started Tank started in September, 2006, scape is from 2007.
Lighting 24W Compact Flourescent.
Equipment Aquaclear 20, Finnex brand filter
CO2 None injected since October, 2006.
Substrate Laterite with small-grain gravel.
Parameters Again, not a big parameter tester. My water is hard.
Fertilization None added.
Plants Hemianthus micranthemoides, Various cryptocorynes, Alternantera reineckii, Rotala rotundifolia, Hetenantera zosterfolia, Echinodorus tenellus.
Inhabitants Dwarf platies, if such a thing exists.
Comments The tank was setup in mid-October, 2006 with CO2, but I stopped injecting in late October. There is an old thread here somewhere. This is what the scape morphed to, a kind of Dutch type scape. Not really Dutch. It was dismantled in December 2008, but I have recently resurrected the tank and am currently setting a true Dutch scape, following rules and everything, with this tank. The above scape inspired this.
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Mark F.
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Wow - you must spend a lot of time trimming! When I first looked at these pics, I assumed it was a much larger tank. Nice job.
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Stunning small tank with gorgeous plantscaping! You apparently have the low-tech maintenance method pretty well mastered!
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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