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User Nathaniel
Size 55G
Date Started 14 Nov 2013
Lighting 6.5K Fluval T5 fluorescent (x2)
Equipment 1400 + UV APS canister filter Heater
CO2 None
Substrate Black gravel (need to change this - the grains are too small and plants struggle to root)
Parameters 0, 0, ~ 40 (working on reducing the nitrates - comes out of the tap with 20ppm), PH: 8.2, Hard water.
Fertilization General purpose ferts in water column
Plants Java Fern Anubias Barteri Water sprite Various stem plants (temporary) Various mosses Floating plants (water lettuce, duck weed)
Inhabitants Kuhli loach (8) Ottos (5) Neons (5) Black neons (4) Various small guppies (about 6 adults, some dry) Cherry shrimp + 1 male betta (rescued 10 days ago - luckily he seems peaceful!)
Comments This tank is a direct upgrade (same filter media) from my 25G starter tank. I made a a lot of mistakes with my first tank and just a few less with this one. Definitely still learning every step the way!
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