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User dogdoc
Size 75 US gal
Date Started 10/29/05
Lighting Tek 4x54w HO T-5
Equipment 2x Rena XP3's. 2x200w Tronic heaters.
CO2 AM 1000 reactor. Milwaukee SMS 122 pH controller. Milwaukee "top gun" regulator and solenoid. 10lb. tank.
Substrate 100% Ecocomplete
Parameters 3dKH, 4 dGH, pH 6.3. NO3-10 PO4-1 K-20
Fertilization Greg Watson dry for KNO3, KH2PO4, K2SO4. TMG and Flourish Iron for traces.
Plants Swords(amazon and ozelot), Java fern (reg and lace), Hygro polysperma,Green temple, Ludwigia, Spiral Val, Crypts
Inhabitants Mainly Rainbows, YoYo loaches, Pearl Gouramis, and BN plecs
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Sweet setup. I have a TEK 4x39. Its blinding.
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nice tank
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