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User sp33drhno
Size 20 Gallon Long
Date Started 1/09
Lighting Coralife 36 watt T5NO freshwater
Equipment Aquaclear 50

Hydor 150 watt heater
Substrate 20 lbs Eco-complete

14 lbs Flourite Black

few scoops of SMS
Parameters Temp 79-81

Nitrate 5-10
Fertilization Root Medic capsules
Plants Various Crypts, Vallisneria sp.
Inhabitants Threadfin Rainbowfish x9, Asian Rummynose, Dwarf Gourami
Comments This tank gets almost no attention. The water is changed once a month, and that's about it. Root tabs are refreshed every few months. The plants grow where ever they want.
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Beautiful tank. I've always admired val forest's. Your fish most love it.
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