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User sp33drhno
Size 5.5 Gallons
Date Started 2/09
Lighting Hampton Bay 27 watt CF desk lamp
Equipment Marineland Penguin Bio-wheel mini

Hydor 50 watt heater
CO2 2x 2 liter diy
Substrate aquariumplants.com's own substrate aka sms
Parameters temp 74

pH 6

nitrate 5-10
Fertilization Plantex dosed every two weeks or so.
Plants Ludwigia Repens

Crypt Spiralis

Lysimachia nummularia
Inhabitants betta splendens
Comments I don't do much to this tank. The water is changed once or twice a month. Plants are trimmed when the top leaves get scorched by the light. There were several clusters of glosso which grew vertically, but they were shaded by the ludwigia and died, save a stem or two.
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Mark F.
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Nice emersed growth on the ludwigia; would be nicer still to see a photo of the whole tank, showing the other plants (maybe somebody could ID that 3rd plant for you).
Mark F.
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Wow - ask, and ye shall receive! That was a fast response - thanks for posting the additional photos! I did also notice the updated plant species info; thanks again. That's a bomb little jungle ya got going there; I'm sure the inhabitants are quite comfy.
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