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User Owlshead19
Size 75 gallon standard
Date Started December 4, 2013
Lighting Panorama Pro Ecoxotic LED's - 3-4 12k/453mn strips for now - plan to supplement two 6500k Panorama Pro's with two 12k/453mn strips.
Equipment Low tech - just a Emperor 400, a tunze 625 powerhead and the lights
CO2 no supplementation (unless of course the bug bites me.)
Substrate Dirt - (Miracle Gro Organic Choice) covered by EcoEarth with a small patch of gravel accent in the middle (to keep unplanted)
Plants TBD
Inhabitants TBD - but I really want some rainbows and some loaches
Comments This used to be a reef tank with a sump - I took that down after my coral infatuation passed.
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