barfordwilson 30 g - Your Tanks
User barfordwilson
Size 30 g
Date Started 12May2009
Lighting 6 t8 bulbs custom
Equipment Eheim 2217 filter
CO2 Injected co2, glass pollen beetle
Substrate Seachem Laterite base, Onyx black top
Fertilization Flourish once weekly
Plants Valsenaria, singapore moss, Baby tears, pennywort, lugwia, bacopa, anubius, onion plant, Uruguay sword, crinkled Aponogeton, a couple other i am not sure of.... Kuwait doesnt really sell plants by name lol
Inhabitants 12 neon tetras, 4 blue rams and 1 gold nugget pleco
Comments Did the best I could with the limited resources here in Kuwait lol
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*Very* natural looking aquascape! Nicely done!
Wannabe Guru
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Very nice layout! It would look even better if the nana covered more of the bottom of the center piece of driftwood. I think it just needs a little more grow out time to be perfect.
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