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User wakesk8r
Size 29 bow
Date Started
Lighting cfl 65 wt 6700k 65 wt 7100k dual led moon light
Equipment marineland c220
CO2 red sea paint ball 1 bps 24" diy reactor
Substrate eco complete and black sand
Fertilization E.I.
Plants HC, Blyxa Japonica, Anubias Nana petite, Red tiger lotus, Downoi ,Xmas moss
Inhabitants 7 Scarlet badis 6 galaxie rasbora 6 boras maculatus 7 Boraras brigittae 4 otto good bunch of rcs 2 striped nerite 2 zig zag nerite
Profile Views 850
Algae Grower
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Hey, looks like the pic you took here is right after you just trimmed your christmas moss. Looks good. I really like it though when it was bushy. ANd the lotus looks awesome. The one plant you gave me is growing amazing in my tank currently. All in all NICE TANK!
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