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Size 75 Gallons
Date Started August 26th, 2013
Lighting 2-54W T5H0 48" Hagen GLO Fixture
Equipment Aquaclear 50 HOB Filter, Tetra EX 30 HOB Filter, Fluval 404 Canister Filter, Rena Cal Top Light 300W heater.
Substrate 1"-1 1/2" Soil with clay mixed in, with a 1/2"-1" Pool Filter Sand cap.
Parameters pH: 7.5-7.8, kH: ?, Ammonia: 0ppm, Nitrite: 0ppm, Nitrate: 0ppm.
Fertilization Flourish Comprehensive: 2 caps weekly, Flourish Excel: Usually 1 cap daily, currently ~15ml daily, fighting off hair algae.
Plants -Anubias Nana Petite -Anubias Barteri -Amazon Sword -Italian Leopard Val -Dwarf Sagittaria -Amazon Sword -Java Fern -Java Moss -Hydrocotyle Luecocephala -Pygmy Chain Sword -Rotala Indica -Hydrocotyle sp. Japan -Hygrophilia Compact -Anacharis One more plant that I have yet to ID
Inhabitants -L191 "Royal Pleco" x 1 -[F] Longfinned Bristlenose Pleco x1 -Angelfish x4 (Temporary, removing 2 once they pair off) -Denisoni Barb x3 -Siamese Algae Eater x2 -Nerite Snail x6 -Panda Corydoras x 2 (I had 11, but most weren't healthy when I got them, 9 died off) *Future* ~15-20 Rummynose Tetras
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Interesting piece of drift wood. I like the dark areas it creates at the base
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I wish there was more shape to the substrate..
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Looks great! I love the driftwood. Feels like you're snorkeling a riverbed...well clearer :)
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