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User equi_design
Size 6.6 gal "bookshelf"
Date Started October 2008
Lighting 16W T8 Aqua-Glo under the hood; T5 8W addon strip light.
Equipment Aqua-Clear 20 HOB filter, heater.
CO2 none
Substrate variety of small river rock mixed over 1/2 with Flourite Dark.
Parameters stable!
Fertilization Occasional ferts dosing & Excel when I get around to it.
Plants Banana plant, Marimo balls, Anubias, red mini crypts, moneywort, Glosso, duckweed. (the bamboo is fake, just FYI)
Inhabitants One Giant male betta from Thailand- Emmett. A few snails.
Comments Will be adding some dried bamboo poles- going for a Zen theme here. This is my "fun" tank where I don't work too hard & try things out. Emmett doesn't mind. He just likes his space!
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Taryn Nation
Algae Grower
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wow this amazing!!! so how do you dry the bamboo? i did mune in the sun but it looks knid of bad.
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