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User equi_design
Size 2.5 gal
Date Started May 1, 2009
Lighting 9W CFL spiral, clip on Home Depot light
Equipment Red Sea Nano HOB filter, heater.
CO2 none
Substrate small river rock mixed with Black Flourite
Parameters stable! :)
Fertilization occasional dosing of Excel & ferts
Plants Guppy grass, duckweed, Marimo balls, moneywort, Wisteria, riccia.
Inhabitants 10 adult Red Cherry shrimps + babies hatching daily! Various snails.
Comments Removed the rims. Rocks are Florida coquina.
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Algae Grower
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Nice concept, but plant on the left are growing brown --- look like they're dying. Maybe some Flourish/Excel? And a bit of a trim for the floating (?) plants...?
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