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User houbanna
Size "55"
Date Started may 2013
Lighting 4 t8 6500k 32watt daylight diy multi colored led nightlight
Equipment fluval 306 canister filter 200 watt heater diy fan water chiller with digital thermostat
CO2 20lb pressurized co2 aquatek regulator generic inline co2 automizer glass drop checker
Substrate florite substrate topped with 1/2inch black sand
Parameters 7.2-7.6 ph water change 50% a week
Fertilization diy doser micromacro mix daily switching soon to individual dry ferts flourish 2x week
Plants crypt. spiralis, alt. reinekii, ludwigia repens, rotala rotundifolia, wendtii green & tropica, narrow leaf java fern, anubias nana, water clover, hair grass, and i think java moss hitch hiked a ride with jf in a guaranteed "pest free" tube at corp. lfs
Inhabitants 11 harq. rasbora m&f torq. rainbows 3 ottos. 5 zebra nerite snails pond snails. oops lol
Comments first planted tank. did allot of research and most of the good info came from this community. so many thanks to all of u
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