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User Nexxorcist
Size 14 gallon tall
Date Started 6-20-2009
Lighting 2 High output CFL, 30 watts total
Equipment HOB 10 gallon filter 10 G Stealth Heater
CO2 Excel
Substrate Black Flourite
Fertilization twice a week flourish
Plants Rotala Vietnam, Water Sprite, dwarf hair grass, ludwigia, sunset hygro, anubias petite, anubias barteri, flame moss
Inhabitants 4 cardinal tetras 4 neon tetras
Comments first attempt at a real planted tank. :)
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5290_531836653095_17402049_31426738_3969536_n.jpg 5290_531836663075_17402049_31426740_26082_n.jpg
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For a first attempt - it's great!! Good eye for plantscaping and the gnarled wood is cool!
Planted Tank Obsessed
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Really like your driftwood.
Algae Grower
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iv seen so many nice pieces of wood on here...did you find that or buy it because there is a massive pile of drift wood buy my house and there is nothing i could find that looks like this...looks great
Algae Grower
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your driftwood is awesome! very nice! ^^,
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