BigBiz 90 gal - Your Tanks
User BigBiz
Size 90 gal
Date Started
Lighting Aquaticlife 2X54W T5HO-10 hours, Aquaticlife 4X54W T5HO-4 hours mid-day
Equipment Eheim 2213, Rena Filstar XP3, Coralife UV sterilizer
CO2 Pressurized 10lb tank, Inline Sera Flore active CO2 reactor 1000
Substrate Florite
Fertilization Seachem Fourish- 1 dose every two weeks, Seachem Excel- 1 cap per week, Seachem Flourish root tabs
Plants Amazon sword, various crypts, tiger lotus, Xmas moss
Inhabitants 1 anglefish, 3 rainbow fish, 2 pearl guaramis, 6 zebra danios, 6 assorted corys
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