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User MutantRam
Size 18 Gallons
Date Started June 27, 2009
Lighting 150 watt HQI MH with 8k lamp
Equipment Eheim Liberty 150 HOT filter with surface skimmer
CO2 Hydor 74g mini CO2 system with rate of 100bpm
Substrate SeaChem Black Flourite is used in not planted area. Planted area features ADA Power Sand on bottom and ADA Amazonian AquaSoil on top layer
Plants Listed from front left of tank clockwise: Blyxxa japonica x8 Hygrophila polysperma x4 Eustralis stellata x3 Limnophila Aromatica x3 Hemigraphis traian x4 Ludwigia prunesis x4 Ludwigia granulosa x1 Cryptocoryne wendtii x4 Java moss on large driftwood Christmas java moss on small driftwood Micranthemum micranthimoides x1 portion Calismistrium (Large beautiful green wavy tentacles)
Inhabitants Glow Lite tetra x9 Rummynose tetra x9 Columbian red-blue tetra x5 Platnium Cardinal tetra x5 Slender Humphead dwarf cichlid x1 male Slender Humphead dwarf cichlid x2 female Bolivian Ram dwarf cichlid x2 German Electric Blue Ram dwarf cichlid x2 (yes, these were genetically mutated) Florida Flag x2 Panda cory x2 Shrimp x4
Comments Tank dimensions are 20" x 17" x 12" tall. 18 gallons. This is a custom built tank (by me). It was originally used as a reef propagation tank built for top-viewing of corals.
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