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User speedie408
Size 39 G
Date Started December 2008
Lighting 2x39 T5HO Giesemann Midday & Aquaflora combo
Equipment Eheim Classic 2217, Topfin thermostat
CO2 5lb pressurized fed to powerhead for diffusion
Substrate Eco-Complete mixed with pea gravel
Parameters I don't measure PH, KH, or GH. I just know my local water is very hard and some plants such as L. Cuba don't do too well.
Fertilization Dry Ferts, EI mothod
Plants working on a list... I'm not good with scientific names
Inhabitants - 2 female BNP - 2 male GBR's, 3 female GBR's - 7 Bloodfin Tetra, - 15 Neon Tetra - 5 Synodontis petricola cats - 3 Lamprologus ocellatus (love this fish) - 5 Rasbora espei - 8 guppies - 10 Amano shrimp - 1 Golden mystery snail
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Mark F.
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Very rich, gorgeous colors! Nice combination. I'm beginning to think that all these half stars are just being doled out by the system before anybody rates a tank, eh? I don't rate with stars, I just comment - but this obviously deserves more than half a star!
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amazing color, awesome plant and fish selection!
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