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User zavikan
Size 38 Gallon
Date Started 4/1/08
Lighting Coralife 96watt 6700k 8hr Photoperiod
Equipment Eheim 2217 Canister Hydor 200w 1/2 ETH Heater
CO2 Choice co2 from Greenleaf inline reactor DIY
Substrate Flourite Black 3 full bags.
Parameters Who cares?!
Fertilization Fleet Enema Stump Remover Flourish Via DIY Peristaltic Autodoser
Plants Fissidens Fontanus Dwarf Baby Tears Anubias Nana Petite Limnophila aromatica Compact Corymbosa
Inhabitants 5 Boesemani Rainbows 2 otos
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Mark F.
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I really like the way you have the baby tears cascading off of the driftwood and onto the substrate - that's a very nice effect. One of the nice things about HC is that it can be grown both epiphytically and in substrate - not many people exploit that versatility, but you've done a good job of it here.
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nice layout, great use of different plants
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Beautiful tank! Very original aquascape.
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Getting the HC to do that was extremely hard. Its nearly vertical going onto the driftwood. I don't think it could really be done again without a TON of time, or emersed growing. Thanks for the comments!
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*This is a stunning tank & perfectly photographed with an invisible, black background. The equipment used for this tank is likewise invisible, as it should be. There is an impressive diversity of textures & the plants appear perfectly maintained and "groomed". The water clarity is amazing and this tank is the picture of health. A beautiful, understocked, well executed success--5 stars*
Mega Shrimp
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