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User jmsaltfish797
Size 20 long
Date Started cant remember off hand. at least six months
Lighting Two 15 watt t8s
Equipment just a whisper 40 HOB with custom media and a heater
CO2 none
Substrate arena sand
Parameters havent tested in awhile.
Fertilization just macros once in awhile
Plants Java fern, one large crypt (wendtii Brown), and a bunch of moss.
Inhabitants Three spotted hillstream, two borneo suckers, one lonely little panda loaches, and a school of white clouds.
Comments this tank has gone through several different set ups. Started as a breeding tank, went all Noah arc for awhile, bombed at keeping shrimp, now after sitting empty it has been reborn as a river biotype.
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tank has gone through a radical rescape. pics to come.
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