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User Raymond S.
Size 10g
Date Started
Lighting 1 x T8 Zoo Med Tropical sun 18" 1 x Zoo Med Flora Grow 18"
Equipment Built in DIY bio-filter
Substrate Eco Complete over First Layer Pure Laterite
Fertilization 1/8 tsp KNO3 !/8 tsp K2SO4 1/64 tsp KH2PO4 dose...every other week Flourish Comprehensive 1ml Pride 5ml dose...each week
Plants Baby Tears Fissidens Fontanus Narrow leaf Java Fern Cryptocoryne Petco
Inhabitants Banded Pigmy sunfish RCS
Profile Views 682
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Algae Grower
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What an awesome tank. Can't wait to see it grow in. Reminds me of a flooded tomb...
Planted Member
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Interesting tank, I'd like to see a journal for it.
Wannabe Guru
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What is the backdrop you have? I thought at first it was base for a moss wall- but it looks like gravel??
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