pmarten8 120Ltr's (31.5 X 14 X 17) - Your Tanks
User pmarten8
Size 120Ltr's (31.5 X 14 X 17)
Date Started 6 months
Lighting Dual 155w Overhead lumaninare
Equipment Oversized 3 Stage Eheim Pro Wet & Dry Thermo fillter
CO2 6KG Comp CO2 sys PH Controler with glass Rhinox 5000 Diffuser
Substrate Tetra plant complete substrate
Parameters 6.3pH dGh.7 dKh.5 Temp 28C
Fertilization Aqua Essentials Tropica Plant Nutrition+ liquid & Root Tabs
Plants 5 x Aponogetum Crispus, 10 x Echinodorus Tennellus, 10 x Cabomba Furcata, 10 x Vallinseria Spirallis, 10 x Vallisneria Torta, 10 x Hygrophilia Polysperma, 5 x Cryptocoryne Wendtii, 10 x Rotalla Macrandra, 8 x Echinodorus Paniculatas, 10 x Ceratopteris Thalicroides, 10 x Ludwigia Mullertii, 10 x Rotalla Rotundifolia, 10 x Myriophylum Procerpinoides, 2 x Nymphae Stellata, 5 x Microsorium Pteropos,5 x Cryptocoryne Ciliata, 5 x Cryptocoryne Beckettii
Inhabitants 3x Disco, 1x Bristlenose Plec 15x Cardinal Tetra 2x Otocinclus Vittatus 1x Twig Catfish 2x Chain Loach 8x Japonica shrimp
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