Bodhisattva 56 column - Your Tanks
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User Bodhisattva
Size 56 column
Date Started May 9, 2009
Lighting 30" Orbit 2X65w with "lunar" night lights
Equipment Fluval 305 canister, 2 200 watt submersible heaters
CO2 not yet, probably sugar/yeast system
Substrate Eco Complete
Parameters 6.6 ph, 0.5 ammo, 0.5 nitrite, 0 nitrate, 87.5F, 120 Gh, 80 Kh
Fertilization nothing yet, except what's in the Eco Complete
Plants Amazon Sword, Red Melon Swords, red Ludwiglia (?) I forgot what the other two are,..
Inhabitants pair of blue rams, pair of corys, eventually plan on Discus being main focus
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Mark F.
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I'm not sure why anybody would be so stingy as to only give you half a star - your tank may not be ready to win any ADA competitions, but you certainly could have done a lot worse. As for the the unkown plants, I'd guess you might have some crypts and/or apongetons. Those are certainly some nice pieces of driftwood you got there; I'd encourage you to put a few epiphytes - ferns or anubias - on at least one of them (I can understand the appeal, though, of leaving them at least partially bare).
Algae Grower
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Your right mark,This is a good piece of work better than mine anyway ;) but seriously it is quite good
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